5 (or extra) locations to eat in Regina this weekend

Whether you’re looking for fine dining, pub fare, or an international taste, there are plenty of new options in Regina.

Aidan Morgan writes for the Prairie Dog and he’s been biting into the Regina food scene for the Morning Edition with host Sheila Coles.

With a growing immigrant population, Regina residents are starting to find more diverse meals.

“A lot of people who have lived in Regina for a long time, we’re all used to Vietnamese restaurants, and a few southeast Asian places,” Morgan said. “But now we’re beginning to get Afghan cuisine, which is wonderful. We’ve got a lot more Indian restaurants. We’ve got Selam [Ethiopian Restaurant], which is now a veteran of the restaurant scene here.”

Here are some of his suggestions to check out this weekend:

Nigerian Tomas Cook

Tomas Cook has been around in Saskatchewan for many years, but one Regina location isn’t what it appears to be.

“There are a couple of really interesting places I’ve discovered recently,” Morgan said. “The strangest one is a small Nigerian-African restaurant hiding out in the unassuming veneer of a Tomas Cook restaurant.”

And by strange, Morgan means really good.

“It was bought in February of this year by a couple of Nigerian women and in March they began to offer this Nigerian menu,” he said.

The restaurant is located at 2770 Avonhurst Drive behind the Giant Tiger store at Albert and Avonhurst.

“It’s heavy on plantains — fried plantains, which are the best things ever,” Morgan said, smiling. “(It’s) sort of that combination of a potato and a banana.”

Morgan said there are a lot of “really hearty” meals on the menu such as roasted chicken, goat, and pork. People can expect to pay $12-$16 for main dishes.

“I had some wonderful appetizers,” he said. “My favourite — and this might not be for everyone — is simply called ‘plantain gizzard.’ They take plantains and gizzards, and they cube them, fry them up and it arrives in this little mound and it is absolutely delicious.”

A new slice

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria has been popping up around Saskatchewan in the past year and now there is one in downtown Regina (1881 Scarth Street).

While Morgan said some people might not be as interested in franchise restaurants, he said Famoso is worth trying.

“You’ve got local people owning those restaurants and hiring local people, so they’re a part of the restaurant economy,” Morgan said. “Famoso provides a kind of pizza that we don’t really get enough of in Regina. I mean, we’re very used to the Greek style pizza.”

Morgan said people looking for a more traditional Italian pizza should be pleased with Famoso.

Malt City

Malt City is located at 100-2201 11th Avenue. (@MaltCity/Twitter)

Brand new in downtown Regina, Malt City is from some familiar hosts.

“It’s the brainchild of the people behind Flip and Atlantis (Coffee),” Morgan explained.

Malt City is located at 100-2201 11th Avenue.

“The food is no slouch, but for me the main draw is the place,” Morgan said. “It is — bar none — one of the most beautiful places in Regina to eat.”

Located in one of the older downtown buildings, Morgan said the gigantic ceilings and windows make for a great atmosphere.

“They’ve really laid out the restaurant in a way that feels natural,” he said. “It’s very open, but it feels intimate anyway.”

Much like Flip Eatery, Morgan said the food does not disappoint.

“If you like Flip food, you will recognize a lot of the same style,” he said. “It’s an upscale comfort food.”

Morgan said he recently ordered the Fried Hot Chiggin’, calling it “basically fried chicken on white bread with country gravy.”

“It was pretty decadent.”

Regina staples

When you’re hungry and indecisive, it may be best to stick with tried-and-true.

“Whenever anyone asks me where to go in Regina, reflex kicks in and I say the Creek in Cathedral [Bistro] on 13th,” Morgan said. “I’ve always loved that place. It is reliably excellent.”

He also suggested people check out the Willow on Wascana (3000 Wascana Drive).

If you’re looking to start your day right, Morgan said he still loves a no-frills Albert Street classic: Mr. Breakfast.

“You can’t go wrong. You get a genuine breakfast. I’m a big fan of the bologna sandwich.”

Suggestion from a Morning Edition listener

One Morning Edition listener called in to make a suggestion for people dining in downtown.

“An excellent, excellent restaurant in downtown Regina is 20Ten (2010 12 Avenue). The menu is exciting, the presentations are awesome, and the prices are very reasonable.”

While Morgan said there are some pricier dishes, one 20Ten dish got a glowing review from one member in his family.

“My grandmother lives in Ontario, she’s in her 90s and her favourite food is crab cakes,” he said. “We took her to 20Ten and she declared them the best crab cakes she’s ever had in her life.”

Do you have suggestions for where to eat in Regina? Let us know on the CBC Saskatchewan Facebook page or on Twitter @CBCSask.

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