Award-winning burger maker in Colorado Springs is launching an arts and leisure cell meals truck

Bobby Couch brought the Green Line Grill to the street.

His mobile food truck may be bigger than his hole in the wall on Pueblo Ave. 230. Of course, the rig’s kitchen is better equipped than the galley where he displayed his award-winning El Reno Oklahoma-style Fried Onion Burger.

The deluxe burger patty is perfectly prepared and topped with cheese, a nest of fried onions, spicy mustard coleslaw and tomatoes. It’s a delicious meal made with some of the best french fries in town.

Couch was named a Colorado Springs Burger Week Contest Champion on July 10, 2019. You can find the locations of the food trucks at Details: 964-1461,

There are no frills at the Green Line Grill in the city center – just delicious food at a price that also seems to come from the past.

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