Bagpipes and kilts: Scottish tradition on full show in Regina

Bagpipes blared and kilts were worn at Victoria Park in Regina on Saturday for the Highland Gathering and Celtic Festival.

“It’s great to showcase Scottish culture,” said festival chair Iain MacDonald. “But there’s also a lot people who aren’t Scottish involved who love the music and love the dancing and love the sport.”

Pipe bands from across Canada competed in the event, including the Regina Police Band, the City of Regina Pipeband and more.

“The bagpipe is one of those instruments people don’t like,” said MacDonald, “Partly because lots of people hear it played badly. But if you hear a bagpipe really in tune, and at its peak, it’s really a lovely instrument.”

The festival also gave competitors of all ages the opportunity to prove their skill in drumming or highland dancing.

Scottish heavy athletics was the main event, with athletes competing in events like stone putt, hammer throw and other traditional highland games.

Josee Morneau was the only female athlete. She said that you didn’t need to be Scottish to enjoy yourself at the event.

“I don’t have one drop of Scottish but it doesn’t matter,” she explained.

“I love competing, I love the strength of the sport and I like Scottish people because they’re so friendly.”

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