Breweries are struggling to remain afloat in Colorado Springs and throughout the nation

REGINA, Colorado (KRDO) – With restaurants across Colorado remaining closed under Safer at Home restrictions, some businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. According to a survey by the Brewers Association, brewery sales are down 65% while sales of distributed drafts are down a whopping 95%.

Travis Fields, owner of FH Beerworks, said, “We would probably do on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend what we will do for the whole month of May given our current situation.”

Due to poor sales across the country, breweries are feeling the heat. Iron Bird Brewing, which opened six years ago, officially closed its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know the guys from Iron Bird and it’s sad,” Fields said. “Whenever this happens to people you don’t like to see. Especially when it’s so close to home.”

According to Fields, times were extremely difficult for small craft breweries.

“We create community and it’s really difficult to create community without having a space for it,” he said.

But Fields is learning to adapt and FH Beerworks actually created a delivery service to save money.

“We have created a complete delivery service that reaches different parts of the city every day of the week. Just last week we started an impromptu drive at the cinema in the back of our property so let’s do that, “he said.” We have to take orders through the taproom. It brings in some revenue, but definitely not what people sitting on would do. “

With 25,000 jobs and a contribution of around $ 3 billion, breweries have been a large part of Colorado’s economy. That has changed quickly in the past few months.

“We hope it won’t be long. We are now at eight weeks and certainly another two weeks, so we will be at 10 to 12 weeks. Completed three months with 25% sales and 100% overhead. It’s really not sustainable. “

If the brewery business continues like this, 60% of breweries could close their doors by July, according to the Brewers Association.

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