CAA Saskatchewan pitching in at Regina’s meals financial institution

CAA Saskatchewan employees who normally tow stalled cars or boost dead batteries are helping out in another way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christine Niemczyk, the director of communications for CAA Saskatchewan, told the Greg Morgan Morning Show on Friday that employees have fewer drivers to help these days with fewer cars on the road.

As a result, the CAA is sending employees to the Regina Food Bank to help staff there package up food hampers for families who need a little assistance.

“We’ve got three of our amazing roadside assistance operators from our Regina fleet with CAA down every afternoon at Regina Food Bank helping package those amazing food hampers that are donated and are very much needed by families in Regina who are counting on Regina Food Bank to help them out,” Niemczyk said.

The two organizations have worked together before and will continue to do so after the pandemic ends. Niemczyk said that partnership could even continue in its current form.

“If public transportation or other transportation opportunities aren’t available to clients to come out, we can certainly talk with John Bailey and crew,” Niemczyk said, referring to the food bank’s CEO. “We’re an amazing partner with this amazing group …

“During this time, it’s just a great opportunity to show community support.”

The food bank is accepting donations of money and food. For more information, visit the Regina Food Bank website.

“They appreciate all of our support,” Niemczyk said. “You know the old saying: Together we’re stronger.”

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