Colorado Springs artists play “reside out of quarantine” on-line live shows amid cancellations of artwork and leisure reveals

With the recent ban on all gatherings of crowds over 10 due to the coronavirus pandemic, bands and artists have been forced to cancel upcoming shows.

But what does that mean for the local Colorado artists who go without shows and often without pay?

Live online shows seem like at least a temporary solution for some Colorado Springs area artists and bands, including Ryan Flores.

Flores called his most recent video “Live from Quarantine”.

In a recent Facebook post, Flores said the crisis had been surreal for him as a musician who usually plays two hundred shows a year.

“I haven’t played a gig in over two weeks since the crisis began.”

Flores has asked those who would like to help him to donate “tips” through his personal PayPal, Venmo or CashApp links listed on Facebook.

“It’s not enough to pay my bills, but it helps me keep some money and keep doing what I love.”

Flores tries to stay positive.

“I’m trying to keep a grateful and positive attitude during this difficult time. Hopefully we can get through this soon and get our lives and livelihoods in order again.”

You can find more work on his Facebook page Here.

Another local band starting online are Tejon Street Corner Thieves.

Since March 18, the individual members of the band have been performing live on the Facebook page of the groupand play sets between 30 minutes and over an hour.

You can watch their videos Here.

“The best way to support artists right now is to buy their merchandise, stream their music, and tip artists at live-stream events.” says Connor O’Neal, a member of the band.

Those who wish to support Tejon Street Corner Thieves can do so by tipping on their individual Paypal accounts listed on Facebook.

“We’re glad that there is a way to continue sharing our music during these uncertainties. That means the world that fans still want to adjust to.”

Local artists aren’t the only ones performing online, however.

Big names like Keith Urban and John Legend have also appeared in quarantine online to keep people entertained.

See this post on Instagram


A post shared by Keith Urban (@keithurban) on Mar 23, 2020 at 3:43 pm PDT

Urban said in the video that he dedicated the performance to medical staff who had worked on the front lines.

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