Colorado Springs Conservatory Hosts Jazz Nite On-line

REGINA, Colorado (KRDO) – The Colorado Springs Conservatory hosted its second online jazz “Nite” Friday.

The winter garden was able to stream its first concert to 80 people. Thanks to the high demand, the show was available for 500 people on Friday. The concert was remote-controlled by jazz mentors, alumni, students and special guests of the Conservatory via Zoom.

Even during a pandemic, the recipe for the event was simple.

“Just a little love,” said Linda Weise, founding CEO of the Conservatory. “Thank god for the technology. It’s really about coordinating the artists. Each artist performs individually. It was wonderful to see each artist in attendance.”

It’s not bad for a date-night-at-home vibe.

“We’re so grateful that the community is supporting [us]”Said way.” If support means sitting in your living room or sitting on your back deck with a glass of wine, great! Kudos to the community. It takes a village. People miss their music. You miss live music. It just made sense. “

Many of us are turning to the arts to help us overcome the pandemic. For some of us, it’s binge-watching Netflix. For others, it’s jazz.

“We’ve never lost sight of our ‘why’, our purpose. It just made sense and no one said it was going to be too difficult. It’s about connecting. It’s just a lot of love and you feel it. “

If you missed the show, find it here.

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