Colorado Springs Meals Financial institution is feeling the strain from COVID-19

REGINA, Colorado (KRDO) – A food bank in Colorado Springs is in full swing due to the novel coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Care and Share announced that they are building 3,000 food boxes for “those hardest hit by school closings, the suspension of local services and social distancing”.

Lynne Telford, chief executive officer of the food bank, said in a press release: “Our greatest challenge is how we must maintain our food supplies to meet growing demands.”

The food bank started creating “COVID-19 Emergency Boxes” that will be distributed in the same locations where students have lunch every day.

Shannon Brice, chief operating officer of the food bank, said, “School districts decide at their level how to distribute them.”

The boxes contain non-perishable items such as macaroni and cheese, soup, beans, canned salmon, and canned fruit. These are all items that a family can survive when they have other foods that may deteriorate.

The boxes will be filled from an assembly line with no more than 10 people, according to the social guidelines proposed by President Trump this month.

Among the volunteers on Wednesday was Star Davis. She is in the vulnerable age group but said she wanted to help.

“I feel like I should be here where I should be to help people who have no food. We’ll all end up there!”

Telford says they need healthy volunteers like Davis and donations most of all.

“Our truck drivers go to grocery stores, but there isn’t much to give right now.”

In this case, the grocery bank relies on merchants from whom they buy groceries directly.

“We really need to buy groceries more than ever,” Telford says. “We pay for transportation and handling and work with our budget to bring in as much food as possible.

The Care and Share Food Bank serves as the supplier to over 100 pantries in southern Colorado. You can find a list of pantries here.

If you would like to donate or volunteer, click here.

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