Coronavirus in Colorado – Newest Updates, Dec 14 | Colorado Springs Information

Coronavirus news and updates from Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak region, and other locations in Colorado and the United States

– The first shipment from Pfizer The COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Colorado on Monday morning. Whole story here.

– The Bund The judge dismissed a Denver man’s lawsuit, filed four days after the March statewide ordinance went into effect to lift various COVID-19 restrictions in Colorado and the city of Denver. Read more here.

– When the coronavirus swept through Colorado’s penitentiaries, El Paso County jail Inmates went months without access to masksThe Colorado ACLU said on Sunday in a class action lawsuit alleging widespread failures in prison even when trying to use sheets or underwear as face covering. Whole story here.

– UCHealth has started a new system for processing COVID-19 tests, The hospital system announced Friday. The hospital system will be the first in the Rocky Mountain region and one of the first in the country to receive and use the new system. Read more here.

– The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment opened several free community COVID-19 test sites across the state last week in an effort to improve access. Read more here.

– Three Colorado Springs entrepreneurs filed a joint lawsuit in federal court last week Allegation that Colorado’s COVID-19 restrictions violate its constitutional right to gather under the first change. Read more here.

– Coronavirus is raging in Colorado prisons. And critics say the increasing number of breakouts behind bars is evidence that state officials haven’t done enough.Read more here.

– – Kimball Bayles, owner of the only independent cinema in town, isn’t sure The magic of the movies will be enough to overcome this recent crisis. Read more here.

– COVID-19 Vaccines In Colorado: Your Guide. What You Need To Know With COVID-19 Vaccines Coming To Colorado. Read more here.

– Some Colorado fire chiefs have asked Governor Jared Polis’ office to review their cis at the forefront for coronavirus vaccinesalongside health care workers and residents and long-term care workers. Read more here.

Another Colorado Springs homeless shelter has reported COVID-19 cases – which officials believe could be related to the recent major breakout in the county jail – and infections and deaths in health care facilities for the sick and elderly continue to rise, according to the latest data on the public health outbreak. Read more here.

– Shelters for al fresco dining were built in downtown Colorado Springs on Friday. See the photos here.

– – The UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central is to be received 3,900 doses of Colorado’s initial allocation of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine – the largest shipment to date for El Paso County, according to data released by the state on Friday. Read more here.

– – Nationwide officials published a list of hospitals, health facilities and local health departments on Friday will receive Colorado’s first coronavirus vaccine. Almost 47,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine could arrive in Colorado within a week. Read more here.

– As some Americans are now paying the price for what they did over Thanksgiving and got sick with COVID-19, Health officials warn – even beg – people not to make the same mistake during the Christmas and New Year seasons. Read more here.

– After a successful summer outdoor program in downtown Colorado Springs that closed part of Tejon Street, another attempt to expand service outside of the restaurant is on the way. More here.

– Next weekend, Restaurant tables replace cars on 25th Street between Pikes Peak and Colorado in old Colorado City. Whole story here.

– The University of Colorado Boulder will that begin second semester online on January 14ththe school announced on Thursday. Read more here.

– – Millions of dollars have poured into El Paso County’s economy saved local governments, supported small businesses and protected working families amid one of the worst global health crises in recent history, said Mark Waller, commissioner for El Paso County. Read more here.

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