Donations to Regina Meals Financial institution blow away October aim

The Regina Food Bank set the goal of getting enough donations in October to provide one-million meals, but when everything was said and done, the donations piled up and went above and beyond.

In a news release, the group said it actually got enough donations for 1.4 million meals with the help of corporate sponsor The Mosaic Company.

The Million Meal Challenge saw things like a drive-through food drive, corporate challenges and meals raised by schools.

There was also a push from athletes to donate the value of their jersey number. The food bank said hundreds of athletes did just that, and it spread to others donating the value of their birth date or how long their company had been in business.

“As we enter in the Christmas season these funds will help us provide hampers to thousands of families. It will also support much needed investments to allow us to get food to families in need, including helping fund our delivery and drive through service,” said John Bailey, CEO of the Regina Food Bank in the news release.

The food bank’s vice-president, David Froh, said they were blown away by the community’s generosity.

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