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Chippy – Authentic British Fish ‘n’ Chips is a casual place for fish and chips. Although the bill includes pastries and cakes, none were available when we visited. Apparently these are not made in-house and the owners have been waiting for a new supplier.

The result is a short menu and a to-do list that is roughly the same length.

There aren’t many choices to be made here, at least not on the part of the consumer: cod or haddock; mushy peas, beans or coleslaw. Every order has a page. Additional pages cost $ 2.50 each.

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The lightly battered cod or Atlantic haddock ($ 13 full serving; $ 7.50 half serving) is fried, resulting in a golden, brittle appetizer. With fried food there is always the possibility that the batter is too thick, overwhelmed the fish or creates air bubbles. This is not the case here; That is well-cooked fish. The fries, on the other hand, are no different from simple fries, even though they are freshly cut and then fried twice.

We ordered haddock and cod. However, it is not what we received. On the to-do list: The staff must identify the fish that is being served. We all ended up having cod that we enjoyed, but the plan was to compare the two types of whitefish.

The reason for the to-do list is because of The Chippy’s popularity. The place was full, so attention to detail was lost in the steady mix of orders. Tables were not wiped, napkin dispensers were empty and plastic dishes were not refilled. That doesn’t mean the staff was standing around. There was simply no time for such a codswallop.

While it is easy to overlook the occasional misstep, it has been a number of mistakes.

Coleslaw isn’t a traditional British side, but that’s not obvious given the creamy, flavorful salad that is served here. Pulpy peas, on the other hand, are common. The name is the perfect description. These are canned peas, so they are light green, but they taste a lot better than they look.

With no cakes or pastries on offer, we ordered a sausage roll ($ 7) that was whipped, fried, and greasy inside and out. Stick with the fish.

The decor is bright with several British slang words and phrases on the walls. The shelves and a display case near the counter stock British foods such as cookies, candy, sodas, and teas.

Usually orders are placed at the counter and the food is brought to the table. But for some reason we had to pick up our own trays of fish and chips. So add consistency to this task list.

When we left I commented on the mix up of orders. Due to its nice accent, I suspect it was the owner I addressed. He asked what he could do to make things right. Since we all enjoyed the fish and chips, I said we were fine. “How about some authentic British biscuits,” he asked. So we got a box of chocolate-covered biscuits for dessert.

Restaurant: The Chippy – Authentic British fish ‘n’ chips

Address: 3430 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Contact: 285-7040;

Restaurant character: casual furnishings at the bar

Overall rating: 3.33 out of 5 forks

Eating: 4 out of 5 forks

Ambience: 3 out of 5 forks

Service: 3 out of 5 forks

Opening times: Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Mains: $ 7 to $ 13

Alcohol: No.

Credit cards: yes

Vegan options: No.

Outdoor dining: No.

Gluten-free options: No.

Wi-Fi: yes

Facebook: Yes

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• 4 out of 5 stars based on 46 reviews on Yelp

Excellent rating December 5th from El Paso County Public Health.

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