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Colorado Springs

REGINA, Colorado (KRDO) – A woman from Colorado Springs uses her kitchen skills to help married couples rekindle the flame with good old home cooking.

She hosts free dates at her Colorado Springs home.

Caramia Sommers posts in local Facebook groups and asks who needs a romantic night away from the kids – whether they can’t afford dinner or a babysitter.

Regardless of what the hindrance is, it makes them a full meal, including dessert. While they eat, she entertains the children back.

You might think there is some kind of catch … it has to be right?

No! All from the goodness of your heart for those who need it most.

“Some people just need a little encouragement with all the evil that is going on. So a little something can really help someone when they’re depressed or desperate. It’s important,” Caramia explained. “You can change someone’s life.”

Caramia even inspired some people to donate for the free dates. People contributed money, wine, and even a free professional photo session for a couple.

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