Gray Cup: Regina resort reinstating cancelled reservations

A Regina hotel that cancelled reservations for some guests planning to attend Grey Cup weekend said it is now reinstating the initial bookings.

Multiple CFL fans from across Canada told CTV News their reservations at the Hampton Inn & Suites Regina East Gate were cancelled without notification.

On Friday, the hotel confirmed it would be reinstating all of the rooms, under the same price as the initial bookings for the affected guests.

Laura Stewart, a Hamilton fan who was one of the first to notice her cancelled reservation, said the Hilton corporate team let her know the room would be reinstated.

“[The corporate representative] advised that the hotel would be reinstating anyone’s reservation that called and requested such, and it would be at their original rate. I did so, and now have my new confirmation number from the hotel,” Stewart told CTV News on Friday.

“I’m happy that I have a place to stay for the Grey Cup, but am still disheartened by the business practices that we encountered.”

The company said anyone looking to confirm their reservations must contact the hotel. New reservations will cost the price listed on the website.

The Grey Cup is scheduled for Nov. 20, 2022, with the festival kicking off on Nov. 15.


Stewart said she first called the hotel after noticing the cancellation and they told her she never had a reservation. She said when she originally booked, she was given confirmation and a reservation number.

She said the hotel then changed its story.

“They let me know it had been cancelled by the general manager,” she said.

Stewart said she was told another group made a block booking, so the hotel cancelled reservations that weren’t “paying enough for their room.”

She told other CFL fans who were booked at the same hotel and many of them found their reservations were also cancelled. All say they did not receive any notification or heads up from the hotel.

Elizabeth Audet, an Edmonton, Alta., resident, said the hotel told her that she must have cancelled the reservation herself.

“The hotel is telling us to call corporate, corporate is telling us to call the hotel. We’re just going in circles now,” Audet said.

Jenn Hill, another Alberta resident from Calgary, said she was also told it was because the hotel wanted to boost the prices.

Brian Wawryshyn, a Vancouver resident and CFL podcaster, said he called the hotel on Wednesday and learned he lost all four of the rooms he had booked.

He decided to make the situation public on his Twitter, where several people commented about their same experience.

The @HamptonByHilton Inn & Suites Eastgate in Regina has cancelled all reservations for Grey Cup that were made by fans across the country. They have not informed fans of this. 1/2…

— BC Lions Den (@BCLionsDen) March 2, 2022

Wawryshyn said his main concern is that they received no heads up.

“Not notifying anybody is absolute garbage,” he said. “If you’re going to cancel our rooms, at least have the courtesy to tell us so we have a chance to try to find some other accommodations.”

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