Harvest Fire

Harvest Fire

We spend an unhealthy amount of time switching between the same three apps throughout the day. We love connecting with old friends and keeping up with celebrities who barely affirm our dedicated comments and love reactions. The better use of an online platform would be integrating a social life with some form of self-development endeavor.

The smartest people will leverage social the Internet to include a free spiritual upkeep program. The church is increasingly popular in creating online worship programs that extend beyond the church location. Our church is in alignment with the mission of Jesus, to consider a platform that allows people to stay in tune with spiritual teachings.

What will you get from our Harvest Fire platforms

Streaming options

The church platform integrates live videos to let the church share sermons and other events surrounding its activities. The platform allows viewers to connect with Bishop Clarence McClendon about the excellent news on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Live prayer

The ability to experience a live prayer session adds immense depth to the summon. People get to engage in meaningful channels by watching and learning from the lead hosts.


We have a church calendar that makes it easy for people to keep up with the events in the church. The calendar lets people coordinate between their busy lives and spiritual sessions. You will get constant reminders about the beginning of an event and the ability to forward the message to friends and family.


The best Harvest Fire should have a timer counting down to the next streaming session. The online Harvest is the new front door of a building and therefore has the deserving equivalence of ushers. People get to understand when to join the next event by ticking the clock at the same rate as the event’s organizers.

Social sharing

A few revolutionized the use of social media, such as the ability to share direct information on various social media platforms. People who spend countless hours online will not miss a share of the Harvest Fire when you keep them updated with essential details.


Clarence E. McClendon Ministries would not be accomplishing its mission of spreading the word if it does not avail its services to anyone in society. You can access Harvest Fire through any digital device with an Internet connection. We would love to have a talk with all our prospective attendees about the importance of being engaged in the ministry through the Harvest Fire platform.

Do you need an online church?

Nothing will soothe the world more than the shared love for Christ. The church will stay in an optimal position with its members by keeping the love of Christ alive in society.

This case means that everything we do should allow people to have the most comfortable access to the ministry. The Internet enables senior citizens to enjoy a relaxed Sunday service while giving teenagers a private space to nurture their spiritual life. Contact Clarence E. McClendon on 310-323-2600 if you want to learn more about joining our church family. Register for the online worship as we wait for the pandemic to simmer down to resume routine church services.

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