‘I do not need my associate to really feel dangerous’: Regina boy raises cash, shaves head for greatest buddy with most cancers


Ten-year-old Grayson Dyck is raising money to help his best friend, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, feel like a normal kid.

Aven Bashforth, 10, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on April 20. This kind of cancer is one that attacks blood and bone marrow.

Dyck knew people were raising money for his medical expenses, but he wanted to do something special that made Aven feel like a normal kid again.

“I was just feeling bad for him,” Dyck said.

He created a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy Aven toys and video games.

Dyck initially set a goal of $750, which was surpassed within a few hours.

He has since set two more goals that have been surpassed. The total was sitting at $2,000 as of Tuesday morning.

Dyck said he will use the first $1,000 for toys and games and the rest will go towards Aven’s medical costs.

“I’ve been to EB Games and Indigo and we are planning on going to Toys-R-Us too,” Dyck said.

But Dyck didn’t stop at fundraising – he also decided to shave his head to support his friend.

“I don’t want my partner to feel bad about himself and his looks,” he added.

“He saw a picture of Grayson and after and he’s like ‘he looks like me now,’” Aven’s father, Rory Bashforth, said. “When you hear that you just tear up and happy thoughts about all the support you have behind your kid going through this time.”

Bashforth said a few people had started fundraisers for the medical costs, but Dyck’s fundraiser is special because it’s just for Aven.

He added that his family is overwhelmed by all the support.

“No parent wants to see their kid go through this, like it’s very heart wrenching, but knowing all the support you have during this time is awesome and really give you that boost to get through it,” said Bashforth.

Dyck said he will give Aven the gifts he has bought for him when Aven is having a good medical day. He added that he will continue to do what he can to help his best friend.

“I just like supporting and helping people,” said Dyck.

The GoFundMe page is accepting donations until July 1.

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