It is alive! Restaurant Week celebrates Regina’s revitalized meals scene

Five years ago, a vibrant downtown restaurant scene in Regina seemed far-off. Today, it’s become a reality worth celebrating. 

The downtown food scene has taken off in the past few years, with plenty of new spots getting attention and adding pizzazz to the queen city’s crown. 

From the ashes has risen Regina’s first Restaurant Week–a concept borrowed from other big cities with inner cores to boast about. 

Leasa Gibbons, manager of marketing for the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, helped make the idea a reality. 

“We had a meeting in December where the restaurants just said ‘Let’s do it,’ said Gibbons. 

The food scene in downtown Regina has really picked up the last few years with a number of new restaurants and pubs creating a buzz. (Submitted by @adrainhalter via twitter)

“I think there’s a lot of energy built up with all of the restaurants we have downtown and they really want to showcase what they have.”

Gibbons credits downtown workers for starting to eat in the area, and also restaurateurs for giving the downtown core a chance.   

“For them, I think it`s an easy draw. They know it`s the place they want to be if they want that young energy vibe,” she said. 

Restaurant Week continues until February 10. Until then, people can try a three-course meal from participating eateries. Most establishments are offering deals for $35 per person.   

Participating restaurants: 

  • Beer Bros
  • Crave
  • Flip
  • Famoso
  • Golf’s Steakhouse
  • Malt City
  • Memories Fine Dining
  • The Capitol 
  • The Copper Kettle 
  • The Diplomat Steakhouse
  • The Fat Badger
  • 20ten Eatery
  • Victoria’s Tavern 

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