Meet a few of Regina’s meals vans; perogies to falafels to tacos al pastor

Summer in Regina is often seen as a time to get out and walk around Wascana lake, play in the parks and enjoy the food trucks.

Three that operate at the Regina Farmers’ Market opened their doors for CBC News to learn more about them.

Baba’s Food Spot

Started by Ed Bially and his daughter, Katie Bially, Baba’s Food Spot has been operating for three years

Bially says he has wanted a food truck since he was younger.

“Ukrainian and good food goes hand-in-hand,” Bially said. “I knew how much I enjoyed it and I wanted to share it with others.”

Ed Bially said he would recommend running a food truck to younger people. “If you have a passion for cooking and love, truly love, the public,” he said. “If somebody has the passion and not afraid of work and not afraid of learning and willing to take some chances, it’s good.” (Ted Deller/CBC)

Bially said he studied food service and has run restaurants in the past. When he “semi-retired,” the truck was on the market and he figured it was time, even if it meant more work.

“[In the food industry] there’s no 32, 36, 40-hour work week. It’s a different animal,” he said.

“But it’s been a lot of fun so far. A labour of love.”

Ed Bially said Baba’s Food Spot serves a basic Ukrainian menu with a boiled potato and onion perogy sourced out of Waldheim, SK with different toppings, including a creamy dill recipe similar to his grandmother’s and mother’s. (Baba’s Food Spot (Facebook))

Queen City Grill

Queen City Grill is a family run food truck offering Middle Eastern food such as falafel and shawarma, and has different generations working together.

“Our truck is bigger than the standard, but we are trying to manage all the family work together,” said Irina Badalian. “Our kids, my mom, our husbands, all the family.”

Suzanna Badalian said she was working at a bakery when her sister called her and asked her to help at their food truck Queen City Grill. She came over right away and left her cousins to run the bakery. “All the time we are helping each other, supporting each other,” she said. (Ted Deller/CBC)

Badalian said the family was planning on opening a food truck when they moved to Regina from Israel.

“[Middle Eastern food] is very, very popular,” she said. “And we’re trying to work very, very fast.”

Queen City Grill offers middle eastern food such as a falafel platter with tahini and homemade hummus, kebabs and shawarma. (Ted Deller/CBC)

El Tropezó n Authentic Mexican Food

Baleria Roma started the El Tropezó​n Authentic Mexican Food truck with her husband, Roberto.

“We move here and we start looking for Mexican food, which is not that easy to find,” Baleria said.

Baleria Roma said they can serve between 70 to 100 customers on busy days but they enjoy it. “It’s a lot of prep but when you love what you’re doing, I think it’s great,” she said. (Ted Deller/CBC)

Baleria and Roberto are from the Coahuila province of Mexico.

“[It] is right on the north,” she said. “Thirty-six hours driving.”

Dishes offered at the truck can change day-by-day.

“My husband is the chef and then he just wakes up and said, ‘today we’re going to do this because I really want to eat this,'” Baleria said. “We never get enough [of] our food.”

Baleria Roma said the most popular dish at the El Tropazon Authentic Mexican Food truck is tacos al pastor, made with a pork slice that’s marinated with chopped-up pineapple and orange juice. (Ted Deller/CBC)

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