Milad Alishahi Joins Board of Group & Social Affect Regina – MLT Aikins

Regina lawyer Milad Alishahi has joined the board of directors of Community & Social Impact Regina (CSIR).

The CSIR is a non-profit municipal corporation that aims to improve the safety and wellbeing of Regina residents through coordinated community and social impact strategies.

The CSIR has six key focus areas that include addressing domestic violence, food insecurity, substance use and racism and discrimination, as well as enhancing safety and community services.

As a board member, Milad will offer strategic leadership, direction and guidance to help the CSIR achieve its objectives.

Milad is an experienced lawyer with a particular focus on municipal law and commercial litigation. He has authored numerous articles aimed at helping municipalities navigate code of ethics issues, procurement, zoning bylaws, privacy laws and heritage property designations.

Congratulations, Milad, on your appointment and the contributions you’ll make to the important work being done by the CSIR. Learn more about Milad’s practice.

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