Million Meal Problem kicks off in help of Regina Meals Financial institution

The Mosiac Company has pledged to match up to 150,000 meals worth of donations with the start of the Mosaic Million Meal Challenge.

The month-long fundraiser kicked off on Tuesday in support of the Regina Food Bank, and will serve as a key driver in being able to meet the community’s demands, according to CEO John Bailey.

He said Mosaic’s support in the campaign was a huge help in being able to start off strong.

“The 150,000 pledge by the Mosaic Company is an incredible start to the challenge,” said Bailey. “We always want to make sure we’re setting ambitious goals and quite frankly our level of ambition would not be possible without the Mosaic Company.”

This year’s partnership with the Regina Food Bank is the latest step in a ten-year collaboration between Mosaic and the food bank.

Jessica Theriault, director of public affairs for Mosiac, congratulated the food bank on its excellent job providing an essential service during the worst days of the pandemic.

“What was interesting is that last year, in regards to the pandemic, was that the Regina Food Bank reimagined the total amount of really how to support our neighbors when they needed it the most,” said Theriault.

The food bank’s programs and its approaches have only expanded due to growing needs and changing conditions.

“Last year we set a record and had over 114,000 points of service in our community,” said Bailey, adding this year they are trending even higher.

“We’ll be north of 120,000 points of service, so the Mosaic Million Meals Challenge allows us to connect our community to that cause and make sure that we give an opportunity for neighbors to feed neighbors.”

Going forward, the food bank is already preparing for its next fundraisers.

“We’re really excited to bring back Donate Your Number where little leaguers to pro athletes and everything in between can donate the value of their number to support the food bank,” Bailey said.

The city-wide food drive will also be returning for its 34th year in the city.

For anyone interested in donating, you can visit to learn more.

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