MLT Aikins and Mom Teresa Center College Donate to Regina Meals Financial institution – MLT Aikins

MLT Aikins has supported the Regina Food Bank for well over 30 years. Since 2013, the students and staff of Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) have joined in an annual MLT Aikins holiday tradition of volunteering at the Regina Food Bank.

The Regina Food Bank is a charitable community-based organization, serving those most vulnerable in the community by providing programs and service directly and through partnerships in the areas of food provision, essential skills development and connections to the community supports and opportunities.

In December 2022, MLT Aikins raised money to purchase 4,000 pounds of rice. The rice was generously donated through contributions made by the partners of the MLT Aikins Regina office and the food bank matched the firm’s donation with 4,000 pounds of lentils. Rice and lentils are staples of many families that rely on the food bank. Lawyers and staff from the firm and MTMS students and staff came together to help bag 8,000 one pound bags of rice and lentils for the food bank to distribute in food hampers. Together, the group accomplished the task in just 2 hours and 5 minutes.

MLT Aikins has been a supporter of MTMS since its inception and is pleased to work with the school and its students to give back to the community.

Watch the highlight video below.

MLT Aikins and MTMS Volunteers at Regina Food Bank

MLT Aikins and MTMS Volunteers at Regina Food Bank

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