Native meals firm opening up store in Regina’s outdated Weston Bakery constructing

A historic bakery building in Regina is getting a new spin but keeping its food focus.

The Weston Bakery building in the Warehouse District is set to house a grocery store, coffee bar and food court, with an emphasis on locally sourced food. 

Regina food company Local and Fresh announced Thursday it has partnered with the All-Rite Group of Companies to open the facility.Andrew Rathwell, co-founder of Local and Fresh, has partnered with the All-Rite Group of Companies to open a grocery store in Regina’s Warehouse District. (Olivier Jodouin/CBC)

Andrew Rathwell, co-founder of Local and Fresh, says they want to help people connect with local food.

“We hope for the public this space is a place for finding and connecting to new food and new food producers, for finding new flavours, and building a stronger connection to the local food community,” said Rathwell.

“Our long-term vision for this place is to create a true food hub to support and incubate the growth of our local food industry.”

More than just a place to find food 

Tim Schultz, co-owner of Local and Fresh, said he wants customers to see the building as a “product playground, where consumers can come and learn about the products, learn about the producers, touch and taste and feel why Saskatchewan has such a great bounty of local food.”

An archival image shows the Weston Bakery building as it looked circa 1940. (City of Regina)

Schultz said the facility will hopefully spark interest in local agriculture and agri-value.

“I really feel like we’re on the edge of a new age of agri-value, and it’s a really exciting time,” said Schultz. “I’m really passionate about seeing young people getting involved in agriculture and in agri-value.” 

The facility also includes an event bay — formerly used as a loading dock — which will host artisan markets and seasonal events.

The building is set to open to the public in the fall.

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