Pallets of pasta donated to Regina Meals Financial institution

A local chef’s partnership with a pasta manufacturer is helping the hungry in Regina.

On Wednesday, chef Milton Rebello joined Steve Compton as several pallets of packaged pasta were delivered to the Regina Food Bank.

The timing of the donation helps remind people that summers are especially tough, said Compton, the Food Bank’s CEO pointing out the many empty shelves in their facility.

“Hunger doesn’t take a holiday,” he said.

The donation came at just the right time. Compton said the number of people using the food bank at this time of year has increased significantly — with an additional 2,000 people using the service — compared to a year ago.

Rebello is executive chef at the Wascana Country Club in Regina. One of his recipes was chosen to be published in a Catelli cookbook. That’s why Catelli donated close to 7,000 boxes of pasta to the Regina Food Bank.

The cookbook was created to support food banks across Canada. Rebello’s recipe was published alongside 14 others, all crafted by top national chefs. 

He created a simple recipe — vegetarian lasagna with a bit of “Indian flair” —  so it would be easy for families to prepare at home. Rebello said it’s been a joy to contribute to the community. 

About 7,000 packages of pasta were donated to the Regina Food Bank. (Mike Zartler)

The near 7,000 boxes donated by Catelli roughly equate to 27,120 servings.

Compton noted the food bank is helping around 8,000 clients each month. 

Deliveries like the one Wednesday will take place across Canada as the pasta manufacturer aims to donate one million servings of pasta to Canadians in need. 

The Catelli cookbook that Rebello contributed to is called Pasta to the Rescue: Hot Summer Dishes for Busy Families. 

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