Regina Meals Financial institution asking shoppers to register

With demand for food banks growing in Saskatchewan, the Regina Food Bank has begun asking clients to go through a registration process, and Saskatoon’s food bank is asking for identification from its clients as well.

Steven Compton, CEO of the Regina organization, says the process allows the food bank to get assistance to those who are most in need.

“It’s not an abuse problem,” Compton explained. “We had to determine, you know, when you have these surging numbers, why? How come? What are the situations that people are facing and how do we get the help to those who need it the most?”

By learning more about their clients Compton said the food bank can do a better job.

“It gives us a far better picture of what the circumstances are that bring people to our door,” he said.

In Saskatoon, the food bank asks clients for ID and some proof of address.

Comfort and Joy fundraiser

As of Wednesday, CBC Saskatchewan’s Comfort and Joy campaign had raised enough money to buy about 500 hampers for the holidays. That is about halfway to the goal of the CBC’s 2015 promotion.

On Thursday, CBC television news and the Afternoon Edition will be on location at the Southland Mall in Regina, to encourage donations to the campaign. CBC personalities Jill Morgan and Craig Lederhouse will be there.

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