Regina Meals Financial institution engaged on vacation hampers

The Regina Food Bank continues to experience above-average level of demand for assistance.

“We’re still seeing numbers that are a little bit above what we were planning for and we’re anticipating with a few days left to go that will continue to peak,” said John Bailey, the organization’s chief executive officer.

Currently, the food bank is working on its holiday hampers.

Speaking to the Greg Morgan Morning Show on Wednesday, Bailey said the food bank is once again partnering with the Salvation Army, which will handle toy donations.

Anybody who wants to make donations is encouraged to send cash.

“We’ve sort of already pre-ordered all our materials so we’re not looking for food but again, each hamper is about $150 worth of food so we need to cover those costs,” Bailey said.

Those who want a hamper can sign up online at the food bank’s website or the Salvation Army’s website.

The food bank has held a number of unusual fundraisers this year, including drive-through doughnut sales and concerts.

Reflecting back on the year, Bailey said the Brett Kissel concert was among his favourites.

“It was one of those ones where we weren’t quite sure how it was going to work out and it was amazing. The people showed up and had a great time and it was first time I’d ever seen car horns take the place of applause,” he said.

Krugofest was another.

“(It featured) people hanging out on balconies and socially distanced on a parkade, parking lot, listening to great live music,” he said.

“Those are those are the two that stick out but there have been many others … It has been an incredible year.”

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