Regina Meals for Studying shares the heat by serving up lunch to 885 youngsters

There are children in Regina who go hungry every day but on Wednesday, Regina Food For Learning made an effort to see more of those kids fed.

Regina Food For Learning’s Share the Warmth Day provided lunch for 885 students at city schools. The lunch included a bowl of chili, a biscuit, milk and a piece of fruit.

The organization’s goal is to ensure children in Regina who aren’t getting enough to eat at home can get the nutrition they need at school.

Food for Learning has been providing food programs for children in Regina for over 29 years. It sets up programs at the request of schools — any school can contact them if there are concerns students aren’t receiving adequate nutrition.

Some schools have universal programs where every student receives a snack, while others provide lunches to students in a discreet manner.

Students received a lunch including a bowl of chili, a biscuit, milk and a piece of fruit as part of Share the Warmth Day. (Craig Edwards/CBC)

Research has shown that hunger can cause a range of difficulties for children, including poor health outcomes, chronic illnesses and impaired performance at school.

It takes a village to feed 885 children, and many organizations came together to pull off the lunch. Supporters included SaskEnergy, SaskMilk, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, the Regina and District Food Bank, Cisco, and the culinary arts class from Campus Regina Public.

Share the Warmth Day offered lunch to all 885 students who are currently served by Regina Food For Learning programs. (Craig Edwards/CBC)

Regina Food For Learning says it provides 11,150 snacks, breakfasts and lunches each month on average.

Some of the non-profit’s wish list items needed for day-to-day operations include:

  • Crackers (graham or whole grain).
  • Tomato pasta sauce.
  • Plain cookies (Arrowroot, fig rolls, oatmeal or digestive).
  • Flour (all-purpose or whole wheat).
  • Sugar (white or brown).
  • Baking items (vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, raisins, molasses and oatmeal).
  • Multi-grain Cheerios, Shreddies, sunflower seeds and banana chips (for snack mix).
  • Cheese (mozzarella, cheddar or parmesan).

Anyone interested in donating can contact Food for Learning at 306-565-8632 or online.

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