SaskMilk donates at essential time for Regina Meals Financial institution

The Regina Food Bank has given over 1250 2 L containers of milk donated by SaskMilk to families in need, not only to their clients, but also to other agencies they work with. (Regina & District Food Bank/Facebook)

Summer donations from SaskMilk are raising a normally low supply for this time of year at the Regina Food Bank.

The food bank usually sees a drop in donations in the summer with people going away for holidays, according to Director of Operations Todd Sandin.

He said kids specifically tend to need food more during the summer.

“We service about 9,000 people per month — about half are school-aged children. So those kids, when summer hits, and they don’t have maybe a feeding program at school, it really greatly affects them.”

Not only is SaskMilk raising the donation levels, they’re also donating a staple that families in need of a meal don’t usually get from the food bank.

“Usually we’ll get a lot of non-perishable food items donated to us, but fresh, nutritious milk being donated didn’t happen very often,” said Sandin.

SaskMilk started donating to the food bank in 2017 and they’re continuing the partnership this summer.

Not only is the milk distributed to their clients, it’s also given to other confidential agencies they work with.

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