Smile evaluation finds Regina close to high in happiness

A company using face recognition technology to analyse millions of Instagram pictures says the frequency of smiling faces in Regina places that city as number two for happiest place in Canada.

The company uses its analyses in an app for mobile devices that offers tips for travellers.

Jetpac City Guides released its list of happiest places in Canada last week, shortly after doing a similar promotion to determine the happiest cities in the U.S and the U.K. (The Number One cities, respectively, were St. Louis and Belfast.)

Here are the top ten Canadian cities:

  1. Kingston.
  2. Regina.
  3. Québec City.
  4. Gatineau, Que.
  5. Saskatoon.
  6. London, Ont.
  7. Waterloo-Kitchener, Ont.
  8. Kelowna, B.C.
  9. Edmonton.
  10. Banff, Alta.

According to the app developer, the analysis of the Instagram photos rated the smiles on faces, whether a slight grin or a broad smile, to determine a city’s happiness score.

“A small grin doesn’t score as highly as a broad smile,” the developer said.

Here is a link to the complete list of scores for 25 Canadian cities.

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