‘So they do not go all hungry’: Hope’s Residence children assist Regina Meals Financial institution

Kids at Hope’s Home in Regina are using the most wonderful time of the year to help less-fortunate families.

Hope’s Home is Canada’s first medically-integrated daycare with locations in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

It provides different services for children with complex medical needs and their families.

“The difference about us is that we have kiddos that have wheelchairs or that might be hooked to oxygen or feeding tubes and they’re right there in with the other kids,” Kelsey Stewart, fund development and marketing manager with Hope’s Home said.

“They’re all friends. They don’t see any differences. And that’s a pretty awesome thing about what we do here.”

This past week, the staff and kids at Hope’s Home decided they wanted to give back and support CBC’s Comfort and Joy campaign.

“We came up with the idea to ask rooms and families to collect non-perishable food items and we were going to do a little internal competition and make a little tower in each room,” Stewart said.

“The highest tower is going to win like a pizza party or whatever. But it’s not really about that. It’s about teaching the kids a lesson of giving back during the holidays, and all the time. We want to give back our community that’s been so good to us.”

Kelsey Stewart is the Fund Development and Marketing Manager at Hope’s Home in Regina. (Peter Mills/CBC)

When asked if they were collecting food donations, four-year-old Alex spoke proudly.

“Yeah! For the Food Bank because some people don’t have that much food,” he said.

Stella, also 4, explained clearly why she wanted to help.

“Because people in Regina are, so they don’t go all hungry.”

Alex said “it feels really good” and listed some of their donations.

“We brung soup, cookies, and crackers. And jam. And chips,” he said enthusiastically.

“Spicy chips,” Stella clarified. “Because spicy chips are my favourite because I got them from Halloween.”

“And fruit cups,” Alex continued. “Those are just for dessert.”

People can donate to CBC’s Comfort and Joy campaign here. 

Kids at Hope’s Home daycare in Regina have been building food towers like this one in all their rooms to help the Regina Food Bank over the holidays. (Peter Mills/CBC)

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