Sudden surge in Regina Meals Financial institution purchasers

There’s an unusual, sudden jump in the number of recent users of the Regina Food Bank.

“We are seeing our numbers increase,” said CEO Steve Compton, who said last week they saw 40 new clients.

That averages between five and six new families each day.

This also comes before the busy holiday season.

“Anytime the number goes up it’s concerning but when we start to see that number of new clients reaching out it does make us pause to say what are those factors and we do ask those questions here.”

He pointed to cost of living and the belt-tightening impacts of the economy as potential reasons for the surge.

“We do ask the families that reach out for service what they’re experiencing, what are the challenges they are experiencing and whether that might be stable housing, sudden loss of income,” Compton added.

He said they take that feedback and pass it along to other community groups.

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