Swoop flights launch in Regina

Low-cost airline Swoop is launching service in Regina with routes to three Canadian cities.

Swoop will be offering service to and from Winnipeg, Edmonton and Toronto, with two flights per week per route.

The first Swoop flight arrived in Regina at 8 a.m. on Thursday, flying in from Edmonton.

“We are very, very excited to be here, as you’ve just seen there is a tremendous interest I believe here in the community. I think there is tremendous pent up demand, people are really, really excited to start travelling again,” Bert Vanderstege, Swoop’s head of commercial and finance, said.

Regina Airport Authority president and CEO James Bogusz said the new routes represent more than 1,100 departing seats in Regina per week.

“The price of travel, actually the price of everything has been increasing so by having another competitor in the market is going to go a long way to keep airfare at a reasonable cost for our Canadians,” he said.

The carrier also launched its service in Saskatoon on Wednesday and are committed to Saskatchewan flights to the end of October. They will evaluate how the first three destinations go and then may expand routes.

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