The Bigfoot Report describes a wierd encounter in Colorado’s Summit County | Colorado Springs Information

Believe it or not, Bigfoot has reportedly been sighted more than 100 times in Colorado in the past few years, including a notable daylight spot in Summit County, Colorado.

During this summer 2019 observation, a day hiker was stopping near an old log cabin in the Mayflower Gulch area near Frisco when he spotted something strange at an altitude of about 300 meters. He reports that he saw a large two-legged creature trying and failing to climb a 20-foot wall of snow. After the failed attempt to climb the barrier, the creature moved on and out of sight.

The hiker was joined by two more to search the area. During this search, the group was able to find prints in the snow, including large hand and footprints that were photographed. Other than that, they couldn’t find the actual creature again.

The reported encounter with the mysterious creature, as well as photographic evidence of the prints, was enough to cause Bigfoot Field Research Organization investigator Scott Miles to investigate the report further.

Miles decided to meet with the witness at the site of the discovery with a second investigator, Scott Walter. At the scene of the crime, the witness was able to retell the sighting in accordance with the original report and point out precise landmarks in his story.

After further analyzing the witness report, investigator Scott Miles wrote, “I believe he was [the witness] saw exactly what he was reporting and witnessed a Sasquatch, likely a young person who was accidentally (or naively) trapped in a compromising situation in a fairly busy area during the daytime. “

This sighting is considered a class A sighting, which means that misinterpretation or misidentification of a sighting with “greater confidence” compared to other sightings that may occur in dark or covert environments can be ruled out.

Summit County is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings. Several sightings have been reported in the area in the past. A notable local finding was addressed by Summit Daily in 2003, triggered by the discovery of a mysterious footprint near Buffalo Mountain.

Read the full report and find pictures of the Mayflower Gulch encounter here.

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