The Colorado Springs gymnasium is protesting the closure whereas following COVID-19 tips

REGINA, Colorado (KRDO) – A Colorado Springs gym makes its feelings known – while still abiding by the law.

While personal trainers can work now, gyms can’t. Results Fitness Rx is now trying to change that.

Staff and members come in groups of four or fewer to send a message over a massive 72-hour relay. It started on Tuesday afternoon and has not stopped since. They run all night and in the hot sun and turn off every hour.

“I did 4 miles and 200 squats in my class,” said gym member Daniel Eckstein. “Nobody cares like this gym.”

“Family, community, therapy, we hear all of these things,” said general manager Nick Chaltry.

According to Chaltry, the public health needs to understand that this is not a one-shoe fit for all situations. If a gym can follow COVID-19 guidelines, it should be allowed to do so and stay open.

“It’s a small, local gym for mom and pop … we can control our class sizes, we have a lot of property to train on,” he said.

According to Chaltry, members are still paying their monthly dues even though they can’t go inside. He said if they don’t, they may not have a gym to go back to.

With the financial and physical support they are given, they are now waiting.

“We have head thermometers, we have hand sanitizer, we have disinfectant. We are ready to go, and we can go if we can only get permission.”

They are counting live on their Facebook page and will be ready by Friday afternoon.

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