The Colorado Springs Hearth Division welcomes new gear


REGINA, Colorado (KRDO) – Of the 28 engines used to respond to daily calls, some are 17 years old, according to the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

On Wednesday, KRDO took a look at the brand new fleet that will meet fire stations in Colorado Springs over the next few weeks.

The new fleet comes after an incident in 2019 when three firefighters were rushed to the hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. They were fine, but after some inspections and repairs, the engine was put in reserves and replaced with a new one.

Since then, great efforts have been made to get new engines. There is also an up-to-date preventive maintenance program to ensure all engines are in good condition.

The department says an engine costs about half a million dollars while a truck with a ladder costs about 1 million dollars. The money for the new fleet comes from a general fund and voter sales tax.

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