UPDATE: Short-term RV group is submitting complaints at rodeo location in Colorado Springs

REGINA, Colo. (KRDO) – City officials appear to have received complaints about a short-term recreational vehicle storage facility on the Norris Penrose Event Center property.

It is estimated that around 25 RV owners pay to park on the property and connect to electricity (water and electricity) normally reserved for attendees in the annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo.

Residents moved to the property after the rodeo was canceled this summer due to the pandemic and the city and event center were looking for a way to generate revenue for the center.

The solution was to help RV owners who couldn’t find room in other camps even though the area is not intended for use in the camp.

“It should only be temporary for events, for times when workers are there for months, but never a permanent RV facility,” said City Council President Richard Skorman.

RV owner Rob DeJong moved into the makeshift camp two months ago.

“It’s hard to find a place here in town,” he said. “We work hard, ten hours a day, five days a week. It’s just hard to find good accommodation.”

The mobile homes are in a valley along a stream that runs through the property. There are no houses in the immediate vicinity and for most people – especially at night – the RVs are difficult to see.

However, part of the Lower Skyway neighborhood overlooks the area, and a bike / hiking trail runs parallel to the creek and camp. Some RV owners believe that nearby homeowners and hikers have complained that the camp has been there too long and is a thorn in the side.


This weekend, after KRDO NewsChannel 13 posted the story, three neighbors sent email messages explaining the situation from their point of view.

According to a neighbor, “the reports were of code violations and health and safety concerns. There have been reports of people being seen dumping human waste in Bear Creek. The litter is not safe for bears, which.” What is needed in this area is permanent fences and structures to be added … sheds, flagpole swings and lots of disabled vehicles. (There are) lots of apparently disabled RVs that are not parked at hookups but just happen to be on the Terrains are parked with a lot of stuff. Some vehicles, like a school bus, (are) not even an RV. Given that Colorado Springs is known for the kinds of services the homeless really need, they don’t seek them out Most of them have been there for all of a year or years, and Bear Creek Park just experienced a major fire Mobile parks within five miles of this location have open spaces. Park users and surrounding neighbors are not barbarians and snot. Many of us volunteer and donate to local resources. The Norr Penrose Center is not worthy or humane to residents or neighbors in the current conditions. It is also not safe for anyone. That is why there are rules and regulations. “

Another neighbor wrote, “A woman said her cousin lived there and made $ 150,000 a year. Really? It has to do with zoning laws and health code violations. If any of those people can get money to buy a property, then he / she doesn’t have to be there. “

The third email comment states, “The biggest problem is that (the center) has not received proper conditional permission to use a continuous campsite. Apparently from people I know and have stayed in touch with over the decades am – including Skorman – – (the center) has received more than its share of permissions. Although these people have to live somewhere and I cannot criticize their method, you don’t need money to be neat, clean and organized.

Other RV owners fear that unwanted attention from the controversy will put pressure on the city and center to evict them.

However, the centre’s general manager Kyle Parks said RV owners have until April 1 before they need to find other places to live.

“Then we expect to be able to work normally again,” he said.

DeJong said he is trying to buy a free package and let the current campers move there.

The city originally said the camp could exist until May, Skorman said, but that the property’s nonprofit owner wants them to move out before then.

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