Watch out for “card cracking” fraud, Colorado Springs police inform Colorado Springs Information

Colorado Springs police warn residents to beware of a form of check fraud known as “card cracking”.

Several people have recently reported falling victim to this scam, which lures people on social media with a “legal” way to make money quickly, police said.

Victims said they were asked to meet with a suspect in a hotel parking lot, where they deposited a forged check in the victim’s bank account either via an ATM or a mobile banking app.

The victim then deducts the amount of the fraudulent check and divides the money with the suspect. The bank later informs the victim that the check was a forgery and that the money withdrawn must be repaid.

Police said the prime suspect in these cases was a 6-foot man, around 150 pounds, and 20 to 30 years old.

The police offer various options to avoid getting involved in this type of fraud. This includes never meeting a stranger alone, asking for ID before a transaction, and ignoring ads or social media posts that offer quick and easy ways to make money.

Anyone with information can call (719) 634-STOP (7867) or 1-800-222-8477 telephone number (719) 444-7000 or remain anonymous.

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