Who made what: Metropolis of Regina releases record of worker salaries

Some city employees took home some big bucks in Regina.

The city has released its public accounts report from last year. It includes a list of salaries and other expenses for employees who work directly with the city, as well as members of the fire department, police service, Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) and a few other areas.

The list includes the salary of every employee who receives more than $50,000.

The annual public accounts report was presented to Regina’s executive committee on Wednesday.

The employees’ pay is broken up into two categories: Their base salary, and an “other” category.

According to the report, “other remuneration may include vacation credits, sick credits, allowances, membership fees of $1,000 or greater, and/or amounts paid to an employee upon termination.”

Former city manager Chris Holden again held the top spot on the list.

Between his base salary and his “other” pay, Holden earned $297,951 last year. Holden was dismissed by the city in February.

Tim Reid, the president and CEO of REAL, took home more than $295,000 in 2021.

Next on the list were the two highest-ranking police officers in the city. Chief Evan Bray made more than $287,000, with Deputy Chief Dean Rae fourth at $253,719.

Diana Hawryluk, the executive director of city planning and community development for the city, rounded out the top five with earnings of $246,005.

Here are the top 10 highest-paid city employees in 2021:

  1. Chris Holden, city manager, $297,951 ($291,451 + $6,500)
  2. Tim Reid, president and CEO of REAL, $295,423 ($286,423 + $9,000)
  3. Evan Bray, police chief, $287,899 ($278,212 + $9,687)
  4. Dean Rae, deputy police chief, $253,719 ($241,917 + $11,802)
  5. Diana Hawryluk, executive director of city planning and community development, $246,005 ($242,105 + $3,900)
  6. Barry Lacey, executive director of financial strategy and sustainability, $243,631 ($239,731 + $2,900)
  7. Pamela Deck, director of corporate strategy and performance, $241,860 ($75,759 + $166,101)
  8. Kim Onrait, executive director of citizen services, $238,536 ($234,636 + $3,900)
  9. Byron Werry, city solicitor, $228,325 ($224,425 + $3,900)
  10. Louise Folk, executive director of people and transformation, $225,018 ($221,118 + $3,900)

Mayor Sandra Masters had a salary of $150,217 in 2021.

Each city councillor got a base salary of $49,818 and six of them — Lori Bresciani, John Findura, Bob Hawkins, Jason Mancinelli, Cheryl Stadnichuk and Andrew Stevens — received $600 as a deputy mayor salary.

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